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What is Water Pump Controller ?
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What is Water Pump Controller ?

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     What is Water Pump Controller ?

When people think of pump controllers, their first consideration is that the purpose of a controller is to turn the pump on and off. 

While this is true, it is only part of the pump controller functions.

    The primary reason for using a pump controller is to minimize or prevent damage to the pump. Pumps are designed to work within specific parameters, and the pump controllers identify when things fall outside those parameters and signal the pump to change, usually to shut down.

    Secondarily, pump controllers can minimize or prevent non-pump damage as well. With the monitoring sensors, a pump controller can “see” when something is wrong with the system.

     While people talk about the pump controller, it is important to note that the controller is part of a system. Pump controllers rely on other parts of the system to work properly. Such as the Float swith , level probe , Pressure switch.  

      With the appropriate pressure and flow sensors, the controller identifies the extreme changes in pressure or flow and shuts the pump down, preventing potential damage.

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