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  • Winning Water Pump Controller is the evolution of the best-selling control system in Chinese water pump control market,suitable for water supply,drainage,pressure boosting and transfer applications.
  • Time setting automatic water pump control is designed with no need of water level and pressure signal input.
  • ABS,steel and stainless steel enclosures are available for both indoors and outdoors as required.

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    Shanghai Winning Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the southwest of Shanghai.We produce and R&D motor and pump control products since 2010. widely used in municipal water supply , underground drainage, industrial control, agricultural irrigation, central air conditioning water supply & drainage and other intelligent control industries.
   With reliable quality and good after-sales service, we win good reputations in the Middle East ,Asia,Africa,Euro and Americas markets etc.

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  • 20Y series single phase pump controller
    20Y-2.2KW Single-Phase Water Pump Controller
    20Y series single phase pump controller for water pump 0.37-3KW (0.5-4HP) ,also the capacitor type for the Submersible pumps .
    20Y have a wide range of applications in a wide range of fields including water supply, agriculture, swimming pools and wastewater treatment plants. 
  • Y2 video
    Y series Three-Phase Water Pump Controller
    Y series Three- Phase pump controller for water pump 0.37-30KW (0.5-40HP).
    Such as Jet pumps ,Booster pumps , Submersible pumps,Centrifugal pumps and Multistage Pumps.Mainly for Industrial wastewater treatment plants ,Municipal water supply, Agriculture water supply and HVAC systems .


Industrial water supply
Indoor swimming pool
Waste Water Treatment
Agricultural Irrigation

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At Shanghai Duoguan Electric Co., Ltd., nestled in the cradle of history and culture in Songjiang District, Shanghai, we proudly announce our resounding success at the recent China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair). Our booth emerged as a focal point on this international stage, attracting visito

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Application scenarios of water pump controllers in sewage treatment plantsSewage treatment plants are an indispensable part of modern urban infrastructure. Their main function is to treat and purify urban domestic sewage and industrial wastewater to meet environmental emission standards. As one of t

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In modern water pump systems, water pump controllers play a vital role. Whether in household water supply, agricultural irrigation, or industrial applications, water pump controllers can effectively monitor and adjust the operating status of water pumps to ensure the efficiency and stability of the system. This article discusses in detail the role of water pump controllers, common faults and their solutions, and the life of water pump controllers in order to provide users with a comprehensive understanding and practical guidance.

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​In modern water treatment systems, water pump controllers play a vital role. Whether in agricultural irrigation, urban water supply or industrial processes, the performance and reliability of water pump controllers directly affect the efficiency and stability of the system. With the advancement of technology, intelligent water pump controllers have gradually become the mainstream of the market. However, what key issues need to be considered when selecting and using intelligent water pump controllers? This article will explore three key issues and provide detailed answers to each question to help users and other friends in need better understand and apply water pump controllers.

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