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380V-415VAC 4KW Steel Automatic Water Pump Control Panel
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380V-415VAC 4KW Steel Automatic Water Pump Control Panel

  • D1T-4000D


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大图 750

1.Description of Pump Controller

 D series pump controller is a 1-phase & 3-phase control panel series for manual & automatic operation of one or two pumps. The panels are complete with all necessary components and include ac contactor and motor protection breaker with overload and short-circuit protection for each pump, relay for built-in pump sensors etc. All internal control circuits as well as level switches are sourced from a control voltage transformer.The enclosure is of factory built, wall mounted type of ABS plastic or steel material.

2.Typical Applications for pump Controller

 Winning designs and builds Control Panels for pump control in municipal &industrial water supply, irrigation systems, sewage,stormwater &floodwater drainage, transfer pumping, wastewater lift stations, pump houses, pump chambers, septic tanks, wellpoint dewatering, pond aerations and fountain control.


General Specification

Type D1T-380V
Model D1T-4KW D1T-7.5KW D1T-11KW D1T-15KW D1T-18.5KW D1T-22KW D1T-30KW
Rated Power 0.75-4KW 1.1-7.5KW 1.1-11KW 2.2-15KW 3-18.5KW 4-22KW 5.5-30KW
Rated Input Voltage 380+10%/50Hz or 60Hz
Qty.of Controlled Pump Single pump
Display LCD display
Signal Transmission Mode Level float switch                                                                                                        
Level probe                                                                          
Pressure switch                                                                    
Electric contact pressure gauge
Water Level Indication High/Middle/Low
Max.Control Distance ≤2000m without strong electric and electromagnetic fields
Over/under-voltage Range 304V-456V(adjustable)
Main Functions Time setting
Fault record
Anti-rust inspection
Automatic restart after power recovery,and etc.
Product Size 400x300x150mm
Working temperature
Working humidity
Install position
-25ºC-- +55ºC
20%--90%RH, no drips concreted
Wall mounting


D 3 750


application fields






1)How to convert HP into KW ?
The conversion formula as :1HP=0.74KW
for example: 3HP=3x0.74KW=2.22KW.

2)How to choose the power of your pump controller?
Normally we need choose bigger power to run the water pump or motors,.If the pump rated power is 4KW,Pump controller should choose 7.5KW.For Submersible pumps which used in the deep well,please check with us first .

3)Can I have the samples of your pump controller ?
Yes, we can send you the pump controller samples for your testing .

4)Can you provide OEM or ODM  ?
Yes,we can make the ordes according to your detailed request.

5)what is your delivery time?
It takes 3-5 days for sample orders,and 15-20 days for orders.

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