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Welcome to our company !
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Welcome to our company !

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Shanghai Winning Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the southwest of Shanghai (Songjiang District) and the upper reaches of Huangpu River. Songjiang District is the birthplace of Shanghai's history and culture, 39 kilometers away from the center of Shanghai, 25 kilometers away from Hongqiao International Airport and 68 kilometers away from Pudong International Airport. Before the opening of Shanghai, Songjiang was the political, economic and cultural center of Shanghai.

Shanghai Winning Electric Co., Ltd; Is a company specializing in microcomputer water pump full intelligent control protector. As a high-tech company integrating system design, R & D and sales, the company has inherited the experience in the field of automatic control, integrated into today's advanced water pump full intelligent control technology, and made remarkable achievements in the field of water pump intelligence. The company has a production department, technology department, engineering department and business department, with strong design, R & D and production capacity, which can provide users with water pump, air energy and geothermal energy, Boiler and other intelligent controller series product design, development, system integration, automation engineering implementation and other services. At present, the company has mainly developed four categories of products, namely: water pump intelligent controller, air energy intelligent controller, boiler floor heating and air energy circulating pump intelligent control protector. With reliable product quality and good after-sales service, the company has won the recognition of the majority of users. The products are widely used, including water supply and underground drainage of high-rise buildings, industrial control, agricultural irrigation Aquaculture and other intelligent controller industries.

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