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Water Pump Controller at The 135th Canton Fair
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Water Pump Controller at The 135th Canton Fair

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At Shanghai Duoguan Electric Co., Ltd., nestled in the cradle of history and culture in Songjiang District, Shanghai, we proudly announce our resounding success at the recent China Import and Export Fair (135th Canton Fair). Our booth emerged as a focal point on this international stage, attracting visitors from around the globe whose engaging conversations and shared moments have been captured in these heartwarming photographs.

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At Duoguan Electric, our commitment lies in offering our global clientele high-quality pump controllers, pump control panels, and pump control boxes, driven by an ambition to advance the intelligent, automated, and user-friendly technologies within the pump control industry. The products showcased at the fair, including our popular ABS Plastic Three Phase Pump Controllers, Steel Pump Controllers, and Rainproof Pump Controllers, not only demonstrate our deep understanding of market needs but also reflect our professionalism and innovation in product development.

The interactions we had with our visitors underscored the importance of communication with our customers, with each photograph reflecting the close cooperation and friendly exchanges that characterize our team's approach. It is this pledge to service that has earned us a reputable standing in the pump control market.


The Canton Fair provided us with an invaluable opportunity to reinforce existing partnerships and forge new connections. On this platform, we displayed not just our products, but the strength of our brand. As we continue to innovate in water level control and pump automation solutions, Shanghai Duoguan Electric Co., Ltd. is set to maintain and enhance its leading position in the market for intelligent pump control products.

We cordially invite all interested customers and partners to visit our website at to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our offerings and expertise. We look forward to creating the future with you, hand in hand, as we develop smarter and more efficient control solutions.


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